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This site is still under construction. You are however encouraged to visit here frequently to keep abreast of upcoming events and notices.

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1. For your Username and Password

  • Contact the IT Staff.

Note: Once you have been given your username and password, please access the Internet and your pentvars mail to ensure both your username and password are correct. Also note that your pentvars email address is of the format, username @ pentvars.edu.gh.

2. To access your pentvars.edu.gh mail account

  • Visit gmail.com and log in.

Note: You can also access your pentvars.edu.gh email through the eMail link under the Other Links menu here on the intranet or the eMail link on our website.

3. To change your pentvars.edu.gh email account password

Please note that you have to be in your pentvars.edu.gh mail to do the following.

  1. Expand the Settings button and Click Settings. The Settings page displays.
  2. Click Accounts and Import. The Accounts page displays.
  3. Under Change account settings, Click Change password. The Change your password form displays.
  4. Enter the required information and click Change Password to change your password.

Note: Changing your email password does not affect your internet connectivity password. The two passwords are not related. Please, change your email password as soon as possible.

4. To change your internet connectivity password

  • Contact the IT Support Staff and allow three working days for the change to be effected.

Note: Changing your internet connectivity password does not affect your email password. The two passwords are not related. Do not change your internet connectivity password unless you are certain that someone is using your account.


E-mail Access Notice

Have you ever accessed your Pentvars Mail? If you haven't,  please do so now to avoid unpleasant surprises in the near future.

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